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Welcome to our new home!

Welcome to our new home! We've changed our website majorly and are working towards updating everything else. This move is exciting and a little bit nerve racking but we hope you like what we've done. Along with the website updates, we're going to be cleaning up our designs and bringing in new collections starting with our Black and White collection to drop in June. Looking back, we were a team of young people who desperately wanted to get Jesus message out. As the years progress, we are are so thankful to God for what He's done and are ready to go full steam ahead in bringing you more Jesus-inspired designs so that you can walk around declaring the goodness of Jesus.

We pray that God will continue to bless you and that you'll support our cause by purchasing an apparel item and declaring Christ where you walk. Love you all!

PS: the photo is of our original team. We look so young! :)